CROSSFIT STRENGTH CYCLE the gymnastic cycle is done and dusted, and it’s time again to start the new strength cycle!

To achieve this endeavor, we will be focusing heavily on the three lifts: Squats, Dead Lift, and Overhead Press. The reason functional movements are important is that they transfer to daily movements. What’s even more crucial is that they are the foundation of sport movements and allow us to move quickly or explosively. This type of strength development is best achieved when performed in sets of 5 reps or less.

We will be training these movements regularly, and cycling through Med(3reps), Light(5reps), and Heavy(Singles) loading. It is important to stress that that even “Light” days can be fairly intense and should you feel like you need to take it a little easier on certain days please do so. This will keep the Central Nervous System relatively fresh and keep the gains coming! Also, the movements will stagger in rotation so that they will not fall always on the same day. This is to ensure everyone can have a chance to hit each of those lifts even if there is a day or two they consistently cannot make.

As a secondary focus we will be building Olympic Weightlifting technique in a series of complexes most days. Keep in mind that while we like to move heaven and earth in these lifts, it will be a building process of the fundamentals. We will be starting very light until everyone gets their technique to a consistent level. The important takeaway here is that you can be benefiting your lifting by focusing on consistency rather than load. Don’t worry, we will help remind you during class. =)

You’ll also notice that coaches will really be focusing on getting you in proper positions on all lifts and phases of those lift. And if your tight(mobility issues anyone?) and need to scaling the range of the movement, we will still get you to move properly. Starting positions will be as scrutinized as the end positions.

MetCons of course will be status quo, meaning each day we will be working on energy system conditioning. As an added measure of your progress, we will have regular benchmark WODs every Wednesday. One of the Girls or Hero. It’s been long overdue that we can watch our Fran times drop to sub 3mins! Right? =)

The cycle will last 12 weeks, with the first 3 weeks and last 3 week be testing periods. The first time you do heavy singles on the lifts highlighted, you will determine your starting baseline maxes. We can monitor the development and see if those numbers increases in the last weeks as you do heavy singles again. I would consider going for max loads an Rx level effort. If you are not proficient in the movement for that day then lower the weight or percentages to keep the development healthy.

Lastly, while the goal is increasing your Functional Strength, we will still be stressing capacity in all the standard areas. We will keep a active/option recovery day on Thursdays, which means that the L1 workout will be at a recovery intensity if you trained all week and L2 being still a challenge for those that are not in need of a rest day. We will tend to do some sort of structural strength training that day also. Saturdays will remain partner/team WODs, and Sundays is when you can go more aggressive in your Olympic Lifting loads.  Hope you are looking forward to working hard and start seeing the improvement in your functional strength!

Coach Rob and Ringo.