Open Game Plan


We only have 4 weeks left until the CrossFit Open 2017, a time where we all lose our minds each weekend and push ourselves into a very dark place in the pursuit of improvement. Although its not all dark and gloomy this can be a stressful time for both people taking part as well as those that want to see you succeed (us, the coaches) so be sure to have a realistic mind set coming into the competition and be considerate of all your CrossFit family.

This is the time of the year that we not only get the chance to really test ourselves but to also build stronger relationships with those around us, who are are also going through the same experience. Although most of us will not be going to the CrossFit Games we still want to put in the effort and show off our relentless, die hard spirit.


Coming up to the Open as well as through it we have about 10 weeks of fun and games before we start with our next Strength Cycle. I briefly wanted to go through a couple things regarding the programming in order to best facilitate your training. Your weekly breakdown should start to look like this:


MONDAYS & TUESDAYS-These are medium intensity days. In other words do not kill your self on a Monday or Tuesday, remember there are a few more days to kill yourself later in the week. Rather on these days look to work at a 80-87% intensity (88% no beano). This means don’t try get a new 1RM back squat or see how quickly you can do 300 wall balls. We want you to work hard but still have the ability to recover and do it again the next day.


WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS-These are high intensity days, lower reps but higher percentages think 90-97%. These days you push hard and get some rest. These days will generally be lower volume but higher intensity day.


FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS-These are your lower intensity days but higher volume days, you may kill yourself on these days and we will do our best to assist you. Go hard and be sure to leave your self in a fair amount of pain. If you are taking part in the CrossFit Open then I would recommend taking Fridays as a active recovery or mobility day. You may even just take this day to eat ice cream and watch movies.


Now note, this is our general plan and if it varies slightly that’s ok J CrossFit is all about constantly varying stuff so we generally don’t suck at life. Also be sure to see how your body feels, programming for such a diverse group of good looking amazing people has the challenge of not doing what is best for one but for the group. If you have any concerns or need any help be sure to let us know and feel free to ask questions. All math questions to be in multiple choice format please.


I hope you all had a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and wish you all the luck for the year of the Rooster!!! (Only for today will I leave out a distasteful joke)




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