CrossFit Open Cycle

Hey guys and gals, coach Rob here just want to catch everyone up after a quarter in of this cycle and better identify the priorities. First of all, happy new year and i hope that everyone had a great end to the 2016 and are ready to embrace everything that 2017 has to offer, like the 2017 CF OPEN!

Before we get in depth with the current program cycle, i just want to congratulate all the people that had improved in the strength cycle. Remember the primary goal was to increase absolute strength in the 3 lifts, squat, deadlift, overhead press while drilling olympic movements to solidify a good technique base for future bar cycling endeavors. I think we have more than adequately reach those goals. We have seen, in the current cycle, improved bar technique leading to more efficiency in cycling and i think wodify was struggling to keep up with all those PR inputs from those individual strength lifts during second testing.

Both Ringo and I, and the rest of the CF coaches were extremely happy to see you get stronger and hit PRs. Now lets get going to apply all those gains!

As you all know, the current cycle is the “Open Prep” Block.

Primary goal is to:

1) Improve our energy systems to handle Open type workouts at Open type lengths of time. In short, get your conditioning ready for the demand and rigors of a CrossFit Open competition WOD.

2) Learn to apply movement cycling to metcons. Big part of doing well in a metcon is being able to linkup movements while minimizing wasted energy.

3) Improve Individual GPP. One of CrossFits biggest training principle is ”General Physical Preparedness”. GPP is really a two part concept. While we are identifying and getting you ready for movements that are staples in the CF Open so we can limit weaknesses in your game, we also have to be cognazant that we can take 2 or 3 movements you are decent at and put it in one workout and have it end up to be a terrible combination. We hope to keep you guessing by putting different combinations that might catch you off guard in certain combinations. Have you ever looked at a workout and thought, “Ok, I can do those movements but dang that combination is going to kill me.”? Somewhere Ringo and I are sheepishly grinning… Keep in mind, doing new combination are all part of the fun in CrossFit! Enjoy and get used to not being fazed by whatever comes at you!

Secondary goal is to:

1) Maintain strength. Simply trying to keep enough strength for the purpose Crossfit Open loading standards. This is not a strength cycle and the focus will not be trying to increase your 1rm for any particular lift. Often though, you will be asked to build to a daily max or heavy single. This will still keep you used to mustering heavy load efforts.

2) Injury prevention. With any program that means to peak your game into a competition season, injury prevention must be a high priority. No one will perform to top condition with nagging injuries or things that keep them out week to week. We will try to accomplish this with proper joint strength work such as external rotations or controlling the metcon times with timecaps to ensure we finish in a safer range of times. Even the drill session and extended technique portions of class aims to keep us healthier by doing movements with good efficacy.

Program Length:

The program length will be 15 weeks, with the 10th week nearing the start of the CF Open. You should see a natural progression this coming week to having L2 movements, standards, and loads resemble that of the CF Open. Pull ups will be set to Chest to bars for Rx for example, or encouraging 95/65lbs for thrusters, testing to be able to clean 185/125lbs for reps as well as enforcing proper range of motion for Rx atheletes. Therefore, if you select L2 or Rx+ you are also attempting proper standards of movement such as getting below parallel and locking out in top positions.

Coach Rob


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