Are you Spartan Material?




Whether you have entered or thinking about entering the Spartan Race, a little bit of preparation will go a long way.  On the 6th of November a large population of like-minded people will embark on what is promising to be a challenging (while keeping it adventurous) as well as new to Hong Kong obstacle race.


Short runs combined with obstacles sounds like a good time but if this something new to you or if you have been thrown into this by a loved one then there is one step you need to take next, PREPARE!!!

Now is the time to make friends with your functional fitness friends and get onto climbing ropes, monkey bars and lifting odd implements. In the last couple weeks, we have had a lot of interest not just from our own members but from outsiders asking for lessons or tips on how to climb ropes or traverse across monkey bars efficiently. My best recommendation is either book PT with one of the trainers that can help you or get a group of friends together that are taking part with you and book an instructor to teach you as a whole.


Currently we have a 6 Week program which is geared at getting you functionally prepared, this program is for the everyday person that is looking to take part and not concerned with winning the race but rather finishing it at their best potential.


At EPIC we have registered a EPIC team which will be taking part in the afternoon session, feel free to register and join our team, the more the merrier. Get involved, join the fun and challenge yourself. Avoid the Zeigarnik Effect at all costs, winners are not quitters.


Look forward to seeing all of you there.





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